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When planning your first cruise it pays not to be too ambitious. If you allow a quarter of an hour per mile and a quarter of an hour per lock, not forgetting a stop for lunch or a shopping expedition to a nearby village, you will not be far out.

On the following pages are some recommended routes. There are obviously so many variations on these routes that you can have fun planning and exploring yourselves.

We would only recommend the cruises marked a "busy two weeks" to those who have holidayed on the canals before.

Maintenance Work on locks, tunnels, embankments etc, does have to be done from time to time. Most work is of course carried out during the winter months, but it is a good idea to have an alternative route in mind in case any work is in progress on your first choice of route. We are very fortunate at Weedon in having so many different routes from which to choose.

Some suggested routes

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