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Reasons to go Narrow Boating in 2021

23rd December 2020

How will you holiday in 2021? 

A narrow boating holiday provides a relaxing break allowing you to slow down to a leisurely pace, fully enjoying the English waterways and beautiful countryside. Take in the fresh air and explore all of the interesting opportunities and experiences on route.

As we approach the end of the current year the memories of recent holidays are still fresh in our minds, we all review and remember the highlights from our last holidays. It is also the time to start planning for the next year. What is it that you want to do? Check over your bucket list, discuss amongst friends and home in on the best and most suitable avenues to explore. Now bring some of these to life.



All of our boats provide a covid safe environment, your home from home to stay and travel in, allowing you to safely explore your chosen route from the wide variety we have available. An ideal British staycation without any of the distant travel concerns, allows you to unwind and relax right from the start as we are often reminded by our returning customers.  

Our fleet of 6 boats allows you to choose which is best to satisfy your group’s needs. 

Hawkweed and Ragweed:- Our smallest boats at 45 ft length, cosy and ideal for small groups 3 berth, 1 double plus a dinette single for a child up to 12 years old. 

Driftweed:- A mid-size of 55ft length 2/4 berth offering 2 doubles or 1 double and 2 singles. More spacious but still easy to handle.

Jimsonweed:- A larger boat at 65ft length 4/6 berth offering more space for small to medium groups with a fixed layout of 2 doubles and 2 singles.

Tasselweed:- Our longest boat at 70ft in length 4/6 berth featuring 3 double berths in 3 cabins, alternatively the aft 2 cabins can be changed into single cabins if required. This boat is spacious with the luxury of 2 bathrooms a dishwasher and washing machine.

Knotweed:- Our latest addition to the fleet is 68ft in length ideal for groups of family and friends. 8 berth with four separate cabins each configurable as 1 double or 2 singles as required offering total flexibility.

Full details of all boats are on our website so you can explore in greater detail.

We have had increased demand for boats in 2021, so start reviewing what is the best option for you and consider booking to ensure that the boat you choose is reserved for the dates you want.

Which boat will you choose?