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Welcome to our new addition Knotweed

18th June 2021

Knotweed is a great choice for larger groups of up to 8 people allowing family and friends to enjoy a fun packed time together on the water, living and sharing your narrow boat dreams.
Following frequent requests from customers for an 8 berth boat we have added Knotweed our new 8 berth boat to the fleet.


Knotweed on Grand Union Canal
Knotweed on Grand Union Canal
Through the winter a lot of work has been going on getting our new narrowboat Knotweed ship shape and displaying her new Grand Union colours.

May 17th see’s the start of her new life welcoming customers on board and sharing adventures.

Knotweeds vital statistics
68ft in length
8 berths with 4 separate cabins each configurable as 1 double or 2 singles flexible to meet all your needs.
Stunning lines freshly painted in our colours.
New flooring, curtains and upholstery.
New low emissions Beta Marine engine.
New Webasto diesel heating system provides copious amounts of hot water and toasty central heating.
Whether you are looking to get away with another family for a fun packed holiday or enjoy a break with your family unit joined by grandparents. Knotweed has a space to suit all and satisfy individual needs.

You can quickly review our fleet of 6 boats to see which will best match your group’s needs.

Hawkweed and Ragweed:- Our smallest boats at 45 ft length, cosy and ideal for small groups 3 berth, 1 double plus a dinette single for a child up to 12 years old. 

Driftweed:- A mid-size of 55ft length 2/4 berth offering 2 doubles or 1 double and 2 singles. More spacious but still easy to handle.

Jimsonweed:- A larger boat at 65ft length 4/6 berth offering more space for small to medium groups with a fixed layout of 2 doubles and 2 singles.

Tasselweed:- Our longest boat at 70ft in length 4/6 berth featuring 3 double berths in 3 cabins, alternatively the aft 2 cabins can be changed into single cabins if required. This boat is spacious with the luxury of 2 bathrooms a dishwasher and washing machine.

Knotweed:- Our latest addition to the fleet is 68ft in length ideal for groups of family and friends. 8 berth with four separate cabins each configurable as 1 double or 2 singles as required offering total flexibility.

Full details of all boats are on our website.

Who will you take with you on your summer adventure?